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Hi, I’m Glen McDermott, founder and Creative Director of Red Rock Branding. A brandamentalist, image-maker and storyteller. I have worked worldwide, with leading retail brands in the fierce marketing battle over customer foot traffic. Building profitable retail stores was all about creating an enticing customer journey that resulted in engagement and purchase. Now, Red Rock does the same thing – Online. Lets talk about my passion for cycling and how it led to my personal style of marketing.

Having biked throughout Europe and Asia and my native Australia, I have done some miles. I have also travelled the world on business and all I saw was cookie cutter Plane/Office/Hotels. But on a bike you’re vulnerable, you’re approachable and you’re available to talk and listen. Riding into remote villages produced exuberant receptions from complete strangers over and over. That kind of true connection is impossible when you’re traveling locked away in planes, cars and hotel rooms.

At Red Rock we practice what I call Bicycle Messaging. That means telling your story in a way that is open, honest and real. It means stripping away all the layers that separate you from your customers, meeting them where they live, talking to them like real people and actually listening to what they have to say. If that type of storytelling appeals to you then I encourage you to come take a ride with us at Red Rock and we’ll tell your story together.

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I participated in the roll-out of the MINDMAP campaign and was totally blown away by how Glen was able to simplify complex messages to deliver a clean message that brings people to action.
Marc Rabinowitz Partner at Ernst & Young
Glen truly listened to the customer and collaborated well. It was a great creative experience re-branding my company. Red Rock produced great deliverables and services enabling me to market and present with much greater confidence.
Jeff Mossberg Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) at Innovate2Animate, LLC
Glen provides a very comprehensive, high quality service that goes far beyond branding. We have used Red Rock to help develop messaging for a public health campaign, devise strategies for dissemination and bring in stake holders into the process. Glen has consistently provided rapid, high quality service in addition to ...
Vinod Srihari Associate Professor at Yale School of Medicine
Glen's vision is expansive. He embraces technology and social media to create innovative brandingand messaging with lasting value. He possesses a keen sense of possible synergies and is quick to realize these potentials. It's been deeply gratifying to collaborate with Glen
Laki Vazakas Artist in Residence at Children's Hospital Boston
Glen is the best.He really helped with website,new logo and lots of marketing (shows, eventsand other aspects..). He always has new ideas and thoughts….great towork with.
Gerard Adinolfi Sales Manager at G&H Equipment
Glen provides a great balance ofleft and right brain thinking to all situation.Certainly he is creative, yet in the business world this needs to be paired with the ability to get it done. Glen bringsimagination AND execution to his work. He is the right person when you need to put ...
Dan Kowalski Senior Manager Global Execution Team at Mars Global Chocolate


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