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Hi, I’m Glen McDermott, Founder and Creative Director of Red Rock Branding. I’m a brandamentalist, image-maker, and storyteller. I grew up in Australia and spent a lot of time in the outback, where the vast featureless plains lead to a massive red rock  Uluru, an ancient monument of Australia’s indigenous community for more that 50,000 years.
The “Red Rock” is a desert oasis and a spiritual beacon for the local tribes.
Fascinated by imagery, meaning, and community, I’ve remained connected to the power and purpose of this massive icon from nearly 10,000 miles away.
After my studies in Australia, I served on marketing teams for Australia’s Country Road, Metro in Singapore, The Limited in the USA, and other Fortune-500companies. In between these assignments, I took long bicycle trips through Europe, Asia, Indonesia, and around immaculate Uluru.
During my travels I was warmly received by complete strangers over and over, everywhere I went. We shared stories, and we communicated across language barriers. This kind of true connection is hard to find when you’re locked away in planes, cars, and hotel rooms. I came back from these trips changed. I wanted todo something meaningful, something honest and real.
And so Red Rock Branding was born.
Red Rock Branding takes the corporate world’s best marketing practices and applies them to non-profits, health and wellness initiatives, and small to mid-sized businesses. I tell my clients’ stories with compassion, empathy, and authenticity, key ingredients for effective communication and a connected customer base.
Today, you can find me bringing the art and science of marketing to Columbia University, Yale’s School of Medicine, Southern Connecticut State University’s School of Business, and Vespoli USA.

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I participated in the roll-out of the MINDMAP campaign and was totally blown away by how Glen was able to simplify complex messages to deliver a clean message that brings people to action.
Marc Rabinowitz Partner at Ernst & Young
Glen truly listened to the customer and collaborated well. It was a great creative experience re-branding my company. Red Rock produced great deliverables and services enabling me to market and present with much greater confidence.
Jeff Mossberg Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) at Innovate2Animate, LLC
Glen provides a very comprehensive, high quality service that goes far beyond branding. We have used Red Rock to help develop messaging for a public health campaign, devise strategies for dissemination and bring in stake holders into the process. Glen has consistently provided rapid, high quality service in addition to ...
Vinod Srihari Associate Professor at Yale School of Medicine
Glen's vision is expansive. He embraces technology and social media to create innovative branding and messaging with lasting value. He possesses a keen sense of possible synergies and is quick to realize these potentials. It's been deeply gratifying to collaborate with Glen
Laki Vazakas Artist in Residence at Children's Hospital Boston
Glen is the best. He really helped with web site, new logo and lots of marketing (shows, events, and other aspects..). He always has new ideas and thoughts….great to work with.
Gerard Adinolfi Sales Manager at G&H Equipment
Glen provides a great balance of left and right brain thinking to all situation. Certainly he is creative, yet in the business world this needs to be paired with the ability to get it done. Glen brings imagination AND execution to his work. He is the right person when you need ...
Dan Kowalski Senior Manager Global Execution Team at Mars Global Chocolate


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